Is Surface Laptop Go the next best thing

Is Surface Laptop Go the next best thing

First look

A few days ago, Microsoft announced the release of the Surface Laptop Go and everyone’s been talking about it! Is this the next best thing in the laptop world? If you’re planning to purchase one but aren’t sure if it’s worth it, then read this Surface Laptop Go review before making your final decision!

What is Surface Laptop Go

The new Surface Laptop Go is a mobile-friendly, lightweight laptop. That is perfect for work on the go. The device weighs just 1.5 pounds. Has a sleek design to easily fit in your bag or backpack. It also has a 10-hour battery life so you can use it all day long without having to charge it before you head home.

The device starts at $399 with 4GB of memory and 128GB of storage. Making it a great option for someone who wants an affordable computer with high-quality features and performance.

Build Quality and Design

The one downside of this device is that it is a bit thicker than most other laptops. In my opinion, it makes it feel a little less premium. The device also has an odd weight distribution due to its battery being on one side. However, these are minor downsides to an otherwise great product.

I would highly recommend this laptop to anyone looking for a great-performing computer with long-lasting battery life.

Performance and Battery Life

The battery life on this laptop is amazing. I got 12 hours out of it before it needed to be plugged in again. Which is about what you would expect from a device with such a small screen and so much power. The performance was also pretty quick.

Though I did struggle with some things like editing photos for Instagram or going through all my Facebook posts from the past few days. But then again, that’s not something most people do on their laptops anymore.

Camera and Extras

The camera on this tablet is incredible. I was able to take some, high-quality pictures of my friends, and they were so impressed that they wanted to know how much it cost and where I got it. The sound is also fantastic. I was able to watch a movie in a crowded theater with no problem, even though everyone else was complaining about how difficult it was to hear anything.

It’s also small enough to fit into my pocket or bag, which is awesome because sometimes. I want to bring my laptop with me but don’t want people staring at me or asking questions about why I’m bringing such a big device with me all the time when there are smaller options out there.

Should You Buy It Over Chromebooks, iPads, Android tablets, or regular laptops?

Surface Laptop Go is a sleek tablet that has a full keyboard and USB port. It’s perfect for browsing, reading, and taking notes in class. With an Intel Pentium Gold ?4415Y, you’ll have plenty of power to run your favorite apps. And with up to 10 hours of battery life.

It will last all day long without needing a charge. The device also comes with all of Microsoft’s Office 365 applications pre-installed, so you can work from anywhere on the go.

Verdict (the pro and cons)

The pros of this laptop are that it has a long battery life is light and easy to use. and is perfect for streaming or browsing. The cons of this laptop are that it does not have a lot of storage space, and does not come with a pen but only an inking capability.

The screen is too small for some applications. I would recommend this laptop to someone who spends most of their time outside or on the goWrap-Up.


The Microsoft Surface Laptop is a great device for people. Who wants a laptop for their work? It has a nice design, it’s portable and durable. it comes with all of the features that you would need to get things done. If you’re looking for something more lightweight then this might not be the laptop for you. The price point is on the higher side as well so if you’re trying to save money. I would recommend one of their other models. Overall, I think it’s worth buying!

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