Snake Manka: Nature’s Miracle in Neutralizing Snake Venom

Snake Manka: Nature's Miracle in Neutralizing Snake Venom


Today we will know about the crawling insects among the creatures created by ALLAH. Snakes are the most powerful creatures when it comes to reptiles on Earth. In this article, we will learn about the insect hidden inside the snake called Manka and how it sucks the venom. The insect hidden inside the snake which is like a pearl is called the snake pearl. How he sucks the poison from the snake bite.

where we can find snake Manka

The most powerful snake among snakes is the king cobra. The manka of the snake is found in the head of the king cobra. The king cobra and its female usually play with this manka at night. Snake catchers put the  Ash in the place where the cobra and its female play with this manka at night. Manka gets lost in the ash while playing. In this way, the manka is obtained.

The real shape of the snake Manka

The shape of the Manka of the snake its length is greater than its width. It is usually black. It has a small hole in the lower part in the middle which serves to suck the poison. The manka can absorb poison.

Where is Manka used?

The snake’s venom can absorb venom. When a snake bites a person it is applied to the place where it was bitten.

How to use Manka

When a snake bites a human, a blister appears on the bitten area. this blister is usually black. This blister is cut with the help of a blade. Now the manka is placed in this folded place towards the lower bar part. Now after placing the manka on the bitten spot., it clings to that spot. Then slowly starts sucking the poison. When manka sucks the poison, the ego begins to swell in it.

And its size starts to get a little bigger. If the snake’s tongue is lifted from the bitten area, it will not rise until it has sucked the entire venom. By applying a couple of times to the stinging area, the venom is completely absorbed. During the procedure, a human becomes aware that poison is coming out of his body. After the poison slowly comes out, the human starts to feel a lightness inside.

After that procedure

After sucking the poison, the manka is removed from the site and dipped in milk to refresh it. The whole in the lower part of the middle is poured into the milk in the same direction. It remains in the milk for five to six hours to be refreshed.

Reality of Manka

It is a precious gift of manka from ALLAH. Man cannot ignore this fact. This is one of the charms of Allah. Who created this manka to neutralize the snake’s venom? We must recognize this fact. A living example of this is myself because I have a manka. I have saved many human lives because of this manka. Due to living in the village, such cases of snakebite are very common.

Due to its distance from the hospital, it acts as a fast aid but does, n’t require a visit to the hospital. I found that manka from the snake catcher, they gave me this manka as a protection of human beings. In the whole area where I live, no one has this only I have this. today a woman was bitten by a snake on her foot. The snake Manka was placed in the poisoned place and all the poison was sucked after that she recovered.


the snake Manka, also known as the snake pearl, is a remarkable example of nature’s intricacy and the wisdom of creation. Found within the head of the powerful king cobra, this black, elongated insect plays a crucial role in neutralizing snake venom when applied to a snakebite. Its ability to absorb poison and its unique method of extracting venom from the body makes it a valuable asset in regions where snakebites are common.

The process of using Manka involves cutting a blister caused by a snakebite and placing the insect on the wound, where it attaches and begins to suck out the venom. This procedure, if performed correctly, can significantly reduce the effects of the snakebite and aid in the victim’s recovery.

While the reality of Manka may seem like a miracle, it is a natural phenomenon gifted by Allah, serving as a reminder of the intricate balance and solutions provided within the ecosystem. Its role in saving lives, especially in remote areas where medical facilities are not easily accessible, highlights its importance as a first-aid measure against snakebites.

In essence, the snake Manka stands as a testament to the marvels of creation and the inherent protection embedded within the natural world, emphasizing the need for humans to recognize and appreciate the gifts bestowed upon them by the Divine.

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