LG BX OLED TV review: The best budget OLED TV on the market

LG BX OLED TV review: The best budget OLED TV on the market


In this LG BX OLED TV review, I’ll be going over the new LG BX series of OLED TVs (models 55B7A, 65B7A, 77B7A, and 77C7A), which feature some of the best bang-for-your-buck to be found in the world of high-end consumer electronics. OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology has been around for some time now but was only recently introduced in consumer electronics when Sony launched their flagship XEL-1 TV back in 2008.

Who Should Buy This TV

This is a great TV for anyone looking to upgrade their current living room setup. If you’re upgrading from an older LED/LCD TV, you’ll notice a huge difference in quality. If you’re looking to purchase your first ever 4K HDR-ready television, this is a great choice. It’s also ideal for gamers who are looking for optimal performance and detail while playing their favorite games.
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Who Should Not Buy This TV

This is the perfect TV for someone who’s looking for a great picture but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money. If you’re looking for something with more features, like local dimming or 3D capability, this isn’t your TV. It also isn’t a good choice if you want a large screen. But if you’re in the market for an OLED TV and don’t have an unlimited budget, this is the best buy around!

What are OLED TVs?

OLED TVs use organic light-emitting diodes to produce their images, which is a newer technology than what traditional LCD TVs use. One of the first things you notice when you see an OLED TV is how dark and rich it looks when displaying black.

This is because of how different this display technology is from its predecessor, LCD. Unlike LCD screens, where a backlight shines through liquid crystals to create an image, with OLED displays each pixel emits its light.

That means that individual pixels can be turned off completely, allowing for perfect blacks and infinite contrast ratios.
That’s not all they’re good at though.

(LG BX OLED TV )  What makes an OLED TV so good?

An OLED TV is made up of organic light-emitting diodes, which are much more energy-efficient than your typical LCD or Plasma TVs. This means that they can last longer and use less electricity. It also means that the blacks in an OLED screen are truly black and not just dark grey. This creates a much better viewing experience because you’ll be able to see everything clearer, with less distortion.

The color spectrum an OLED TV can display is also much wider, meaning you’ll get much more vibrant colors as well as a larger contrast range. Finally, these TVs are considered thinner and lighter than other types of displays, making them easier to mount onto walls or ceilings without any wires showing.

(LG BX OLED TV)  Does the LG B7 have everything I want in an OLED?

The LG B7 is a great choice for an entry-level OLED TV. Yes, you get fewer features than the pricier models, but you also get a lower price tag. That said, it’s worth noting that while this is a cheaper model, it still has many of the same features as more expensive models.

For example, it has Dolby Vision HDR and supports both 1080p and 4K resolutions. This means that you’ll be getting some of the most popular features of higher-priced TVs without spending a ton of money.

How does it compare to other OLED TVs in 2018?

The LG BX OLED is one of the cheapest 4K HDR TVs in 2018. It has a 55 panel with a resolution of 3840×2160, a 120Hz refresh rate, and support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos sound. In terms of picture quality, it doesn’t hold up against higher-end models like the LG C8 or E8 but it’s still very good.

(LG BX OLED TV)   Would I buy this at full price?

The LG BX is a great TV for those who are looking for an affordable but high-quality 4K HDR television. It offers excellent performance for the money, and its design is very sleek and attractive. If you want to get a top-notch 4K HDRTV without breaking your wallet, I would recommend giving this one a look.

(LG BX OLED TV ) Is this a good time to buy this 4k HDR TV?

The LG BX is a great 4k HDR TV for the price, and it’s well worth considering if you’re looking for a mid-range priced TV. It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of some higher-end models, but you can’t go wrong with this one. There are plenty of decent reviews out there, so I won’t repeat them all here.

Where can I get it in my country and how much will it cost me?

The LG BX series is LG’s newest line of OLED TVs. And at just about $5000 for a 55 model, it might be one of the cheapest models available. But with that low price, you don’t get any of those bells and whistles like 4K resolution or HDR support. What you do get is a stunning picture with perfect black levels and realistic colors.

The LG BX OLED TV, when it was released, was considered one of the best budget OLED TVs on the market. Here’s a general conclusion based on its characteristics up to that point:


  1. OLED Display Quality: LG’s OLED technology delivers excellent picture quality with true black levels, vibrant colors, and wide viewing angles.
  2. 4K Resolution: The TV supports 4K resolution, ensuring sharp and detailed visuals for compatible content.
  3. WebOS Smart Platform: LG’s WebOS is user-friendly, offering a wide range of streaming apps, a smooth interface, and voice control capabilities.
  4. HDMI 2.1 Support: The TV features HDMI 2.1 ports, making it suitable for gamers as it supports features like Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), low input lag, and high refresh rates for smoother gameplay.
  5. Dolby Vision and Atmos: Support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos enhances the audio and visual experience, providing immersive content playback.
  6. Competitive Pricing: Compared to other OLED TVs, the BX series often offered a more budget-friendly option for those seeking OLED technology.


  1. Less Brightness: OLED TVs may not be as bright as some high-end LED/LCD TVs, which could affect their performance in well-lit rooms.
  2. Risk of Burn-in: OLED screens are susceptible to burn-in if static images are displayed for extended periods. LG has implemented features to mitigate this, but it’s still a potential concern, especially for gamers.
  3. Limited Size Options: Depending on the year of release, the BX series might have had fewer size options compared to other LG OLED series.

Overall, the LG BX OLED TV was a strong contender in the budget OLED TV market, offering excellent picture quality, gaming features, and a competitive price point. However, it’s essential to check the latest reviews and compare it with newer models to ensure it still holds up as the best budget OLED TV in the current market. Additionally, verify if there have been any improvements or changes in terms of software updates, performance, and available sizes before making a purchase decision.

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