6 Best Nonprofit Accounting Applications in 2023

6 Best Nonprofit Accounting Applications in 2023


In this article,  we will mention the nonprofit organizations that play an important role in solving various social, environmental, and human problems. Nonprofit organizations play an important role in managing their finances to ensure their sustainability and success. Managing your organization’s finances in a better way is a key aspect of success.

Let us mention that nonprofit accounting has become more sophisticated and efficient in 2023 thanks to the evolution of accounting software. Such applications can not only help nonprofits streamline their financial processes but also help them meet compliance requirements and make data-driven decisions. Let’s get started to find the six best nonprofit accounting applications available in 2023.

QuickBooks Nonprofit

Quickbooks is a household name in the accounting software industry. Which one is working under its specific version? This is a version tailored to the needs of nonprofit organizations. Quickbooks nonprofit offers a user-friendly interface. This presentation makes it accessible to people without an accounting background.

Its six important features include fund accounting, donor management, budgeting, and grant tracking. It also allows nonprofit organizations to generate detailed financial reports for internal use and external stakeholders.

One of the standout features of QuickBooks Nonprofit is its integration capabilities. It can seamlessly integrate with various fundraising and donor management software, making it easier for nonprofits to track donations and grants. Additionally, it offers strong security features to protect sensitive financial data, which is crucial for nonprofits handling donor information.

Intuit QuickBooks Online

While QuickBooks Nonprofit is designed specifically for nonprofits, QuickBooks Online can also be a great choice for smaller organizations with simpler accounting needs. It’s a cloud-based accounting software that allows users to access their financial data from anywhere with an internet connection. QuickBooks Online provides features such as expense tracking, income tracking, and the ability to create customized reports.

Nonprofits can use QuickBooks Online to manage their finances effectively, and its affordability makes it an attractive option for organizations with limited budgets. With the integration of various third-party apps and add-ons, nonprofits can extend the functionality of QuickBooks Online to meet their specific needs.


Xero is another cloud-based accounting key suitable for nonprofits. It offers a user-friendly boundary with features such as bank resolution, charging, payment tracking, and financial reporting. Xero’s strength lies in its real-time partnership and openness, making it a great choice for nonprofits with spread teams or remote workers.

Xero allows nonprofits to track and manage budgets and offers a mobile app for on-the-go financial management. It also participates with various nonprofit-specific add-ons, making it an adaptable choice for organizations with exact accounting requirements.


Aplos is a comprehensive accounting software designed specifically for nonprofits and churches. Features such as fund accounting, donor managements and compliance  reporting are included. Aplos is known for its friendly interface and ease of use.This practice makes it a popular choice among nonprofit organizations.

One of the standout features of Aplos is its particular reporting tools for nonprofits. It shortens the creation of financial statements, including statements of financial position, statements of activities, and statements of cash flows, which are important for nonprofit obedience and photo. Aplos also offers an united payroll service for organizations looking to update their payroll processes.

Fund E-Z

Fund E-Z is an accounting software solution tailored to the needs of nonprofits and government organizations. It offers a healthy set of features, including fund accounting, budgeting, grant management, and payroll. Fund E-Z is known for its customizable financial reporting competencies, enabling nonprofits to create reports that suit their special requirements.

This software provides excellent support for proposals with principles and reporting standards that are important for nonprofits. It also offers a cloud-based version, making it available from anywhere and ensuring data security through regular backups and strong encryption.

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a cloud-based accounting software known for its scalability and healthy financial management features. While it’s appropriate for organizations of all sizes, it is mostly well-suited for larger nonprofits with complex financial requirements.

Sage Intacct offers inclusive financial reporting, multi-dimensional analysis, and grant tracking aptitudes. It also offers customizable dashboards, giving nonprofits real-time visions into their financial health. Sage Intacct is designed to participate with various third-party applications and has a healthy API, making it a adaptable choice for nonprofits seeking to streamline their financial processes.

Choosing the Right Nonprofit Accounting Application

Selecting the right accounting software for your nonprofit is a critical decision that should be based on your organization’s unique needs and budget. Deliberate the following features when making your choice:

Scalability: Will the software grow with your organization’s needs, particularly if you plan to expand your operations?

User-Friendliness: Is the software natural and available to your team, including those without wide accounting knowledge?

Combination Skills: Does the software combine with other tools and applications your nonprofit relies on, such as fundraising and donor management software?

Agreement: Does the software provide the essential features and reporting tools to help your nonprofit meet agreement supplies?

Budget: Does the cost of the software fit within your organization’s budget, including any ongoing payment or authorizing fees?

Support and Training: Consider the level of customer support and training resources offered by the software provider, as these can be crucial for a smooth transition and effective use of the software.


In 2023, nonprofit organizations have an array of accounting software options to choose from, each catering to their specific needs. The right accounting application can help nonprofits manage their finances more efficiently, ensure compliance with regulations, and provide transparency to donors and stakeholders.

Whether you opt for a dedicated nonprofit accounting solution like QuickBooks Nonprofit or more general accounting software like Xero or QuickBooks Online, it’s essential to evaluate your organization’s requirements and budget to make an informed decision. Investing in the right nonprofit accounting software can greatly contribute to the success and impact of your organization in the years to come.

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